Deets Library Services

Deets Library is committed to providing outstanding service to the Southwestern College learning community, both online and on campus.  Our Library Techs provide frontline service and are in training to provide high-quality, high-level customer service.

We provide:

  • High-quality academic collections that support instruction and lifelong learning
  • Tools that make it easier to find and cite library resources
  • Assistance with locating appropriate information and resources
  • Instruction on how to conduct academic research
  • Guidance on using library resources legally and avoiding plagiarism
  • Assistance with obtaining¬†items not currently in the collection, either by borrowing from other libraries or purchasing the item
  • Inviting physical spaces for study and collaboration for the main campus community
  • Recreational reading and viewing collections for the main campus community
  • Free printing for main campus students
  • Assistive learning technologies

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