SC Archives

SC Archives

Archives consist of non-current institutional records. Records are created or received by the College offices and departments in carrying out their business. They have been selected for archival preservation primarily because of their historical value, but also their long term administrative, legal, or fiscal value. Examples of important records are student transcripts, minutes of the Boards of Trustees, the files of the President and other principal officers of the College, record sets of the Annual Catalog, The Moundbuilder, The Collegian, and The Southwesterner.

The Moundbuilder is available on the SC website and the  SC Archives are open by appointment only to the faculty, staff, students, alumni, and others having a legitimate need.

What belongs in the Southwestern College Archives?

The mission of the Southwestern College Archives is to preserve the history of Southwestern.

The Southwestern College Archives owes deep gratitude to those who donate photographs, writings, news clippings, memorabilia, recordings, journals, and other information relating to the traditions, faculty, activities, and history of Southwestern College.

Since the physical shelf space in archives is limited, the Archives accepts donations of the following types of materials:

  • Books,  musical compositions/recordings, plays, or artwork written or produced by SC full-time faculty and published by reputable presses, performed by well known groups, subjected to art critics’ review or gallery shows and/or were peer reviewed as applicable
  • SC faculty unpublished or published doctoral dissertations or copies thereof
  • Publications produced by Southwestern College or its owned subsidiary presses, i.e., Carpe Nocturnum, yearbooks, The Southwesterner, any book published by Southwestern College Press, etc.
  • Publications, manuscripts, memoirs, or journals that specifically mention Southwestern and aid in setting the historical/social context of the institution
  • Unpublished, self published, or limited-run materials of Southwestern College divisional, departmental and activity histories i.e., 100 years of Sciences at Southwestern or recordings of Southwestern College student groups
  • Limited amounts of Southwestern realia – Southwestern apparel from prior generations, time capsules put together by SC groups, faculty or the student body, SC sports banners, etc.
  • Programs from events held on campus such as performances, guest speakers, etc.
  • Papers of the presidents of Southwestern College
  • Newspaper clippings/accounts/reports that specifically mention Southwestern, Southwestern’s faculty, or are about Southwestern as an institution. Media (audio/visual/digital) of events that took place at Southwestern or sponsored by Southwestern. Also included in this category are SC publicity videos, home films made that show campus life, etc.
  • Photographs of the officers of the College, dorm life, events, programs, student body on campus, faculty, etc.
  • Anecdotal accounts of life at Southwestern, faculty, administrators either recorded or in writing
  • Other items that do not fall within the above categories may be admitted only after consultation with the library staff
  • We also have one small shelf of rare books in archives. These include: items retained for their investment value, original manuscripts of subsequently published books Items pertaining to the United Methodist Church and/or Kansas Methodism that are 100+ years old, and items pertaining to the City of Winfield and/or the local area that are 100+ years old
SC Archives can feature your student organization!

SC Archives can put your student organization in the SC historical record at the Harold and Mary Ellen Deets Library and its website. By donating your SC student group material to the Southwestern College Archives you are enabling others to build on your experience and help the Southwestern College Archives to present a more complete record of the College’s many traditions. We are currently seeking donations from student groups in order to preserve these items in our archives for future generations of Builders. Types of Materials Sought:

  • Constitutions, bylaws, rosters and agenda meeting minutes
  • Officer Reflections
  • Correspondence
  • Group Photos
  • Reports or publications
  • Anything of Historical Significance

How To Donate Material:

  • In person at Deets Library
  • By Campus Mail
  • Or Online via Dropbox.

Contact Marjorie Snyder with your questions at or 620-229-6312 (Main Campus).

Donating to Southwestern College Archives

If you wish to donate an item to the Archives or Special Collections, please contact the Library Director at 1-888-734-1275 (toll free) or 620-229-6312.

Access Policy

Materials from the Southwestern College Archives are available to SC faculty, administrators, students, staff, and alumni by appointment only.  Due to limited resources, the archives are available only during business hours, which are generally between 9 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday.  For efficient service, it is best to make an appointment well in advance of your visit.  Contact Library Director Marjorie Snyder by email or 620-229-6312 if you wish to schedule a visit.

Materials in the archives are often fragile, unique, and irreplaceable.  Therefore, access to items from the archives is very limited and access is closely supervised.  In some cases, photocopies or digital copies of items may be substituted for originals.  In addition, many items are not yet processed, described, or organized.  As a result, these items are not available.  Researchers may not access holdings that are restricted by law or by  a donor agreement.

Researchers using archival materials must observe the following guidelines:

  • Sign in and present a photo ID
  • Fill out and sign the SC Access to Archives form
  • Place briefcases, backpacks, bags, coats, newspapers, and other bulky items in a designated area.  Deets Library and Archives staff reserve the right to inspect a researcher’s notebook, etc. to protect against accidental loss of documents
  • Access is limited to small quantities at a time
  • Do not mark the materials in any way
  • Maintain documents in the order in which they are found
  • Handle materials carefully, and as little as possible
  • Keep materials flat on the table
  • Do not stack anything on top of, lean on, fold, or trace images from the materials
  • Return all materials to a staff member (do not reshelve) when finished
  • Do not use self-adhesive (Post-It) notes.  They leave residue which may damage the materials.

SC Archives materials are provided for private study and research only.  Permission to publish, reproduce, distribute, sell or display materials should be requested by completing the SC_Archive_Permission to Publish form.  Permission of the copyright owner should also be obtained if the copyright is not held by the SC Archives.

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